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Close Enough To The End . Part 1 

* 8 Months Later *

You and Chres have been together for almost a year now. Ever since that time he hit you you’ve been so scared to even try to talk to another boy. After a while you got to be like bump this and you grew some balls and went out having a good time an mingling with other men.

Whenever you went out you mad sure to cover the scars that he gave you. Ever since that day he has hit you many more times and he has gotten worst but whenever Naomi is around he acts like an angel. He has started drinking and having a big ass ball in your house like its his. Inviting friends over and he even moved all his stuff in you remember that day like it was yesterday that is when you got your first scar from him, that was the same day you grew balls. You never how violent he could be and you wish you would have gotten to know him better.

* Flashback *

- Roc comes to the house with a moving truck with all his stuff from his apartment in it . With his friends helping him -

He walked in like you weren’t even there carrying boxes laughing it up with his friends like everything was sweet and shit. You pushed the box out their hand and yelled at him. ” wtf is going on, you didn’t even ask if you could move into MY house. You have life fucked up if you thinking this is your decision this is MY house and what i say goes. ” He looked at his friend with a smirk on his face and punched you. You fell to the floor hurt looking up at him. ” bitch who do you think you talking to you better stay in check this is my house now, I’m the king of this what I say goes. ” All his friends laughed as he spit on you and continued to carry the box.

You refused to go down like a bitch, you were tired of the shit he did to you he treated you like you were some piece a trash & unwanted. ” bitch is not my name ” They all stopped talking. ” what you said bitch. ” ” i said BITCH IS NOT MY NAME. ” You were fed up with him in generally and you were ready to fight back. ” you attacked him punching and slapping and kicking. His friend tried pulling you off but he couldn’t handle you alone so they all pulled you off and threw you on the floor. Santo got up scratches everywhere on his face and you could see the anger in his eyes, but you didn’t want to bitch out. He went in the kitchen and grabbed a knife he grabbed you by your hair and put the knife to your neck. ” unless you want me to kill you i suggest you keep your claws off me……bitch. ” He took the knife penetrating it three your skin on your arm. He went deeper as he held you down and he cut it across watching the blood hush out your arm and dropped you down. ” go wash yourself dirty. ”

You laid there crying as you were hurt. You had to get away from him or this will continue to happen and you were close enough to near death experiences.

* Flashback Ended *

At this moment you were at your moms house because that was the only safe place you could go. You felt the need to let the emotions run and let it all out of what’s been happening, you couldn’t lie about the scars anymore. You called Prince hoping he would answer. As the phone rang you began to cry as all the memories of Santo beating you came back. ” Hello? YN? ” he answered. ” Pr-P-Prince ” You stuttered out. ” YN are you crying? what’s wrong? ” ” for the past months from the day you told me you wanted to change Chres has been hurting me and abusing me with his friends.” ” ARE YOU SERIOUS!? why didn’t you tell me sooner? ” ” i was scared to he said if i told anyone he would kill me. Whenever i yell at him or do something he doesn’t like he beats me like I’m a dog. One time he hit me in front of Naomi and lied and told her we were just playing a game. ” It was time to let everything out and finally have that weight lifted off your shoulders. If he has really changed he will come help you. ” How could you let all this happen and not tell anyone, he could have killed you by now. Where are you right now I’ll come get you? ” ” I’m at my moms this the only place he doesn’t know. ” ” I’m on my way now. ” You hung up and started to get your things together. ” YN so thats what has been going on with all these marks on your body….you let that boy hit up on you. ” You sighed in frustration. ” No mom i did not LET him hit me. He is bigger then me and stronger then me i can only do so much. He threatened to to kill me and has attempted to its so frightful.” ” why didn’t you come to me sooner? ” ” he always has me on lock down he chained me to the bed before…. i call Prince and told him to pick me up, can nana stay with you?” She smiled. ” of course honey keep safe please. ” You remembered that she always liked Prince thats why she was so eager to let him take you. You continued putting your stuff together as your mom told you there was a car outside. You looked out the window & saw Santo’s car. You got scared inside wondering how did he find you. You stopped looking out the window afraid he might see you and prayed Prince was coming right at that moment.

* Downstairs *

Chresanto came and knocked at the door waiting for an answer. Being smart you dropped your car off somewhere and walked the way to your mom house so he wouldn’t find you. Your mom told Naomi to go in her room and watch tv and don’t come down until she tells her to while she went to open the door. She opened the door sizing him while you stood at the top of the stairs behind the wall so he wouldn’t see you. He tried looking all around her trying to spot you as he told her hi. ” hi ma’am is YN here? ” ” no she is not, can i ask why you are looking for her. ” You thanked your mother silently as she lied. ” i just want to know where she is because she left and didn’t leave a note or anything & i don’t see some of her things in the house. ” ” oh well she isn’t here can i take a message. ” As she was talking you heard a car pulling up in the driveway, you looked threw the hallway window to see that it was Prince. He got out of the car looking livid. ” wtf are you doing here little Prince. ” ” I came here because i wanted to see my daughter, why the hell are you here. ” ” I’m looking for YN. ” ” well obviously if she isn’t with you she left you. ” Chres looked like he was starting to get mad as Prince kept talking. ” i HIGHLY doubt she would leave me. ” ” & why is that? ” He looked like he was searching for a lie. ” only because i give her the best dicking in her life. ” Jacob clenched his jaw and balled up his fist as he said that. ” or is it because your punk ass abuses her ” Chres looked at Jacob like how the fuck you know that and he knew only you could have told him but he took your phone so you had to be in the house. He pushed past your mother and bust in the house looking for you. You kept quiet and ran through the house grabbing your things and opening the window. Your father saw that you were in a hurry and asked what was wrong, you told him and he ran to get his gun and go downstairs to kill him. You dropped everything as you ran down the stairs to stop him. When you both came down the stairs Prince was on top of Chres beating the living hell out of him. Santo was strong so he rolled him over and was now punching him. ” your dad shot the gun in the air and everyone stopped what they were doing. Everyone looked at your father as if he had something to say. He looked at you signaling you to speak up. ” i - i don’t know what to say…. ” You looked at Prince’s busted lip and messed up fro, while Roc had a black eye and bloody nose. ” YN i don’t know why you won’t just come home. ” ” I DONT WANT TO BE HIT UP ON IM SICK OF YOU ABUSING ME!! ” ” lower your tone YN ” Your dad jumped in. ” or what? you are not gonna hit my child again. ” ” wanna bet? ” Chres got up off the floor and stalked over to you. You were backing up as he was coming closer to you. Your dad aimed the gun and shot him right in the shoulder making him fall to the floor. As he did that you could hear police and ambulance sirens coming down the street. Your nosy ass neighbors must have heard the gunshots. As you thought of that you ran upstairs to check on Naomi. You barged in the room and she was missing but there was a note on the bed saying :

You ran away THINKING that you would be safe & i didn’t know where your mom house was.. i guess your beloved Prince didn’t tell you that we used to be friends and i came here before… while everything was going on at the door my friends snuck in the house & kidnapped Naomi. If you want her back you have to come back to me and be my little slave. - Santo

You felt the tears beginning to swell up in your eyes as you read the note, he took the best thing in your life away from you. You went down the stairs to see that he was gone and his car. ” where did he go? ” Your dad explained the situation with the police and how they took him to the hospital. ” mom…dad they kidnapped Naomi. He said if i want her i have to go back to him and be his slave. 😭 he took my most prized possession… what if he hurts her 😢 ” Prince walked up to you holding you trying to calm you down. You pushed him away with anger in your eyes. ” why didn’t you tell me you guys used to be friends?!! that’s the only way he knew where my moms house was! i talked to you on the phone saying i was safe here and you didn’t even say a word! you let this shit happen and you want to come and try to comfort me FUCK YOU JACOB FUCK YOU! ” He looked down in awe. ” im sorry i didn’t tell you at first i wanted to make you pay because I knew he was violent and what you said to me in the store mad me furious, but when I realized I was wrong I came to your house to talk to you I just never got around to tell you that… ” ” fuck that ” you never got around to tell me ” it’s all bullshit I’m sick of it you wanna say you changed but you let me be with a man that was gonna abuse me how could you!? how you know he would hurt Naomi? how you know he isn’t touching her right now and trying to molest her with his friends like he did me!!? huh Jacob!? how the fuck you know what’s going on ” ” YN I’m sorry I never meant to hurt you like that, but I do have something to admit to…. that night you went to the club I made a deal with him to drug you and have sex with you and never to touch Naomi because I knew you would let him in like you let me stay… after I saw him doing differently I knew he couldn’t be trusted and would do something and I regret setting you up. ” ” REGRET NOTHING! you can be trusted! you set me up you wanted me to be drugged and used! and you wanna come and tell me you changed I can’t believe you right now just leave! ” ” no I want to help you get Naomi back. ” ” I DON’T want your help you are nothing but trouble all you brought me was trouble you led this abuser to me and now when he takes our child you want to care * starts crying harder* Naomi is everything to me and now she is gone!! ” Prince walked out the house with his head hanging low. He got in the car and drove off. You didn’t know how you were gonna get her back. You would have to make a big master plan so you wouldn’t have to be his slave. As you were thinking about it the memory came back of the day him and his friends raped you and left you there beaten and bloody.

* Flashback *

It was Super Bowl Sunday and everyone in the house was getting high and wasted. AS USUAL. Roc and his 3 best friends were in the room rolling up while everyone else and their tricks or whatever were downstairs doing you don’t know what. You were in your room in your daughters room chilling texting your friends when they busted in bothering you blowing smoke all in your face. You already had a headache from all the fumes in the house and the loudness so you were irritated. ” Roc leave me alone I have a headache and I’m not in the mood. ” ” we’ll see I have a cure for headaches I got some Advil. ” You knew not to trust him because it was probably some drugs of course & he would never do something nice for you. ” I don’t want that I know it’s not no Advil. ” He came up to you and forced it into your mouth getting some water and making you swallow. You didn’t know what type of pills he made you take but you know that it took quick effect making you vision blurry. ” HELLLPPP! ” You screamed but no one could hear you, you could barely see the pill was strong you weren’t in your right mind you felt horny & aroused but you knew the scene in front if you wasn’t what you wanted. From what you could see close flew off of all the guys and you. You lied cold and naked onto your daughters bed feeling disgusted and scared. You tried to run but didn’t get far they pinned you down to the floor and one boy got on top of you roughly while Roc and his friends puffed and passed. You closed your eyes and felt all the pain as each one took turns. You were hysterically crying as another person entered you roughly, you could feel the blood pouring out of you. You knew that some damage was done. Someone slapped you so you opened your eyes wide in shock. ” don’t close your eyes while I’m fucking you. ” Roc roughly pounded you lifting your legs up in the air. You wanted to get away but you couldn’t one of his friends took the blunt and put the lit end to your skin burning you. You were so fed up with all the abuse and his friends doing it too. Thinking that it would never end, someone walked in the room drunk as hell with a girl told them that someone wanted them downstairs and walked back out taking more of his drink. They put there pulled up there pants and walked out leaving you there on the floor hurt & drugged. Dragging yourself to a corner you weeped and soon fell unconscious.

* End of flashback *

The feelings came back to you from that day but you had to stop crying and toughen up. Roc wanted to play games and take your child & you needed to get her back safe without having to be with him again. You know if you send him to jail he will have someone out for you and kill you. You thought about it and knew that you couldn’t do it alone and maybe Prince actually be some help to you and not set you up. You texted Prince telling him to come back that you have a plan which you really didn’t. You needed something quick you can’t just barge in or they will hurt you and you can’t call the police and come or someone will be out for you. Prince came back to the house and you guys went in the room to talk about getting your daughter back. ” okay YN I have some friends that can help want me to call them over? ” ” no shit boy ” ” hey you don’t have to be rude. ” ” and you don’t have to be a liar but sounds like something that won’t stop. ” ” can we not argue right now I want her back as much as you do….” ” oop another lie. ” He sucked his teeth and called up his friends to come over.

* 25 Minutes Later *

Prince’s friends arrive and come in the basement with y’all. ” okay YN this is Ray Prod Diggy & Jacob. ” You looked at them and they were some fine ass men. Prod had a nice ass jawline you would love to lick the sweat off of. Ray had some nice long hair you just wanted to run your hands through all day and night 😏 . Jacob had some juicy looking lip you wanted to suck on & DIGGY LAWWWD you not even supposed to be worried about boys your child is missing.

” so boys did any of you think of a way to get my child back without making my life hell by staying with him? ” You looked around and they all looked clueless for what to do but when Prod spoke up you stood corrected. ” When we were friends with Roc we always went to this warehouse and he always kept things secretive there and killed people there…..we always had something going on there & I think that is where he has your daughter. I don’t know if he has the place guarded or even thought about us helping so just to be safe we have to have a great plan and be armed so Ray take it away. ” You were amazed at all the information that you were getting this might be easier then you thought. You thought your life was full of Prince just cheating on you and backstabbing friends but now it has a war in it…. the fight for your beloved child. ” Okay so *lays out suitcases full of weapons* I know Roc and he has lots of guns and high tech stuff but I have better 😏 so we have to be careful to not mess anything up…. as we all know he isn’t gonna go down with out a fight. When it comes to planning stuff talk to Jacob and Diggy. ” All you could do was sit and listen you would do anything to get your daughter back even if it meant risking you life. ” YN are you prepared to handle a gun and kill someone if you have to? ” Diggy asked. ” I’m not sure I’m kind of scared but I know I can’t be because they won’t be scared to kill me. ” Jacob smiled at you. ” great philosophy but what you’re gonna have to do first is learn how to use a gun and shoot right…. & were need you to call Roc so Ray can track him and make sure he is there….can you do that? ” ” yeah it shouldn’t be that hard….but what do I say?” ” you have to say something to stall him don’t be to harsh and get him to do something to your daughter but try to negotiate.” You nodded your head signaling that you understood.. you were scared but you had to stop bitching and toughen up your gonna have to be about that thug life. 👌

- The Next Day -

You and the crew were at Ray’s house next his tracking system getting ready to call Roc. Yesterday they took you to and shooting range not knowing how skilled you were with guns because of your father. You learned how to make bombs and got your skills up on sneaking around and killing. Jacob & Prod told you of things Roc might try to do and where he might have Naomi hidden. You were getting ready to call Santo and they kept reminding you about not upsetting him or being slick because he might do something to your baby girl.

The plan was to lie and say that you were willing to be his slave and keep conversation and if he didn’t believe you and hang up you would already have him tracked down so you could do the deed and be done. The other plan was to bomb the place with anesthesia but have has masks so you will be able to go through while everyone kills everyone get Naomi and leave but as you thought everything didn’t go as smooth.
The call went as planned he didn’t believe he thought you had some tricks or something but you dumbed him into thinking its only you you have no one. you guys tracked him to the warehouse and later that night the war began.

You guys went to the warehouse ready to go when he had people set up everywhere so you killed all the people outside without a sign & moved to the inside. Since the warehouse was big you didn’t know where to go and you didn’t know who would jump out on you so you guys had more people just in case of anything. Corahn. Jacob. Diggy. Prod. Torion. Ray. Prince. Chase. Myles. Chris. You. Y’all were ready to go and kill some people.


i totally forgot i was posting its only the beginning but its on instagram on the page @justmystories_ & the sequel is on my page @baconandtacos if you want to read it no :) i will be posting it

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Wen r u doing part 5 of I'm not who u think i am?

Um, As Of Now Idk . I’m Not Sure If I’m Up To Even Finish It ..


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Lmfaoo xD well I try ^_^


Make it up to you part 2 (A Prodigy imagine)

  So you went downstairs and there he was sleeping on the couch. You’d slept so you  weren’t as furious as before and you had the worst headache from crying but you still hadn’t forgave him cause it wasn’t the first time and it was just so stupid and selfish that he had left you there. You began to observe him in disgustt but you knew in your heart that he wasn’t a dead beat. You just really wanted to know his explanation for this one. You sighed and started on your way to the kitchen debating whether or not you would wake him up. You’d barely made ten steps…”Baby I’m so sorry about tonight” you jumped at the sound of his deep and husky sleepy voice.

  He walked over and rested a hand on your shoulder and you shrugged it off shaking your head. “Don’t touch me  …” You turned to him now furious again. “This isn’t the first time Craig… wh- what’s going on with you? How could leave me on our anniversary… it’s like you don’t even care anymore…” You looked at him searching for type of answer on his face through your tears.

 “I know I messed up I’m really so sorry baby I just lost track of time an- “

  You gave a fake laugh as you cut him off, “Yeah it seems you’re always losing track of time when it comes to being with me

  And with that you turned and walked off to the kitchen. He followed behind determined to fix what he’d caused. “I know I made a mistake but don’t doubt my love for you because of that” He grabbed your hand and spoke in a softer tone “Look, baby I really do love you, more than I can explain. So please just give me tonight… I’ll make it up to you.”

  You reluctantly gave in after some thought and more of his begging.

  He led upstairs to the bedroom and into the bathroom and started the water. You were taking off your shirt at the moment so you didn’t really see what he put in it. You gave him a suspicious look and asked him but he wouldn’t tell you. It smelled like jasmine so you knew it was some essential oil . He simply undid your bra and told you it was a surprise. You worked the bra down your arms and he kissed you all over your neck gently as he pulled your lace panties down they were both in his favorite shade of bright red that you’d worn specially for your anniversary.

   You moaned lightly as he nibbled on your neck and moved his hands down the sides of your waist feeling on your body. After a bit more he pulled away and held your hand as you stepped into the tub. The water made your skin tingle and gave you goose bumps as you got in. You smirked giving him the same curious look. He simply flashed you a smile and you settled in the tub. He lit some candles then made his way for the door removing his suit “Where are you going?” You asked realizing he wasn’t going to be joining you.

   “I’m going to get everything ready”. You gave him a questioning look “Everything?” He smiled again “Don’t worry about anything babe, I’ll be back” and with that he closed the door slowly and it was you, your scented candles and your thoughts. You relaxed as you soaked in the water which was still kinda tingly so you figured it was sensitizing oil but you weren’t sure. So you looked around the tub trying to find what this nigglet had put in the water but you couldn’t find it. Eventually you’d come to the conclusion that he’d taken it with him.

  You closed your eyes and got to thinking what he might have had planned for you and what he meant by getting everything ready Before you guys were an item you weren’t one for surprises but he always kept you guessing and you loved it

. Your thoughts got more explicit by the second just thinking of all the places he would be kissing and feeling you once you left this bathroom. Just imagining the sounds of your moans filling the room, You bit your lip as you felt yourself start throbbing and you squeezed your knees together.

The sound of his deep, moans, and grunts….          

The sweat on his chiseled body…

His cum filling you up when it was all over…

  You were squirming at this point and squeezing your thighs different ways feeling the response in your clit. The throbbing was more intense than you were used to but it felt amazing.”Ohhh my God” you moaned softly because the waiting was too much, you needed something in there now!  Finally teasing yourself enough you crossed one knee over the other and bought your hand around the back. Moaning, you pumped two fingers in and out of you to your heart’s content, feeling for your G-spot and wiggling them around you imagined it was Prod inside of you.

 The feeling was building up and you felt your climax nearing so quickly and you didn’t want it to be over yet. You un-crossing your legs not wanting to feel it in just one position and you knew how big Prod’s dick was and you need your hand to go deeper and your entrance as wide as you knew he’d stretch it once his long gorgeous length was inside you.

  The tub didn’t give you the space you needed, so you bought your feet out and rested them on the edge of the tub. You added a finger this time and used two fingers from your other hand to rub and tap your clit, not even caring that you were probably getting water on the floor and kept working your cat as you squirmed, jerked, and screamed till you were rendered temporarily paralyzed by the pleasure that overtook you.

 You came almost instantly moaning Prod’s name, then sat back biting your lip enjoying that you knew the night had yet to begin, and that you were Just minutes away from the real thing.

 A couple minutes later Prod walked in with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. “Oh my God” you barely whispered. You couldn’t speak at the sight or his chest and abs covered in what looked like some type of massage oil.

  “Everything’s ready now” He said giving a smile that showed he was more than happy with your reaction. He helped you out the tub and dried you off himself but left your cat. Then he wrapped the towel and led you out the bedroom where…
TBC ;}



that was hilarious Sharmy there were tears in my eyes :’) -Megan

It’s Only The Beginning : Part 2

* That Night *

You dropped Naomi to your moms house and went to Chris’s to pick her up. When you got there you saw a car there and it looked like Prince’s. Since you had a key you helped yourself and opened the door. When you walked in you heard moaning from up stairs and you were livid.

' how the fuck could she do this to me? She always said i should get rid of him when she is fucking him. '

You went upstairs and bust open the room door and saw them to fucking they didn’t even notice you. They had music playing loudly so they didn’t even hear you. You went up to them and slapped the shit out of Prince then Chris.


Chris: i am so sorry YN

Prince: she forced me into it!

You: i don’t wanna hear y’all crap you played me a couple times and you fooled me but enough is enough! but MY BESTFRIEND!

Chris: it wasn’t supposed to happen like this

You: *crying* so how was it supposed to happen huh? Was i not supposed to find out? You knew i was coming over so you had to have planned this!

Chris: i was only trying to talk to him and ask him why he was doing this to you but he seduced me

You: i already know why do you keep lying to me

Prince: YN just get over it i cheated on you a bunch of times already

You: im getting real tired of you I’ve had enough obviously you don’t give a fuck so stop talking to me

Prince: you know you want me back stop acting like that

You: no i don’t im serious im done with both of yall *leaves*

You were fed up and pissed off you felt like doing something reckless. You went to the club meeting with Lyse when you got there. You wanted to lighten your mood up so you ordered a ’ backyard fuck ’ then a ’ sex on the beach ’ then shots of vodka. Shot after shot after shot you were so drunk before you knew it. Being you when you’re drunk you ordered the strongest drink they had. Then you blacked out….

When you woke up you were in a bed but it wasn’t yours. You looked to the side of you to see a sexy ass boy sleeping soundly. You wanted to know where you were so you woke him up.

You: wake yo ass up boy!

He rolled over on top of you and yawned in your face starring directly at you.

Him: Goodmorning sunshine 😊

You: damn you got some strong ass morning breathe

He blew his breathe in your face making you make this face “😖” . He started laughing at you.

You: can you please get off me and brush your teeth? God damn

Him: your breathe smells like straight vodka so hush *rolls off of you and gets up*

You see that he is naked and he has a banging body. You bless the lord as you count his packs.

Him: stop drooling over me *smirks

You: 😒 by chance did we fuck?

Him: yeah, your wild as fuck i was trying to take you home but you were to drunk. I tried to make you sleep in the bed by yourself then you said you were scared an started crying so i went in the bed with you and you cuddled with me then started touching and you pinched me whenever i stopped you.

You: *laughs* I’m an aggressive drunk 😁

Him: what’s your name?

You: YN you?

Him: Chresanto, ladies love Chresanto

You: *snickers* the hoes love Chresanto

He looked at you and started smirking.

Him: you sure loved this dick last night. *laughs* I’m about to take a shower care to join.

' this boy must be outta his mind just because he is cute doesn't mean i automatically want him. ' you thought. Your body was saying yes but your mind was saying no you really wanted to have sex with him and remember. That dick just might be good ;)

You: what the hell why not 😏

You get up and walk to the shower with him. He runs the way while you get undressed but then he stops you. You look at him like ’ wtf ’ & he starts stripping you down dropping kisses on you. His lips felt like the softest things ever they were so plump and juicy. He kissed your neck and made you moan & he started smiling. When he was done you both got into the shower together. He was automatically all over you kissing, sucking & licking all over you. You were moaning uncontrollably. He steadied you against the wall and put your legs on his shoulders. He started kissing your inner thighs traveling up.

He licked and sucked at your skin as he got closer to your treasure chest. ” Chressss stop teasing me ” you moaned. Soon as you said that he dove right in licking & slurping you up. He ate you real good better then Jacob ever did you. He stuck his tongue in deep wriggling it around inside of you, that made you crazy squirming all around on the verge of having a orgasm. He licked all around your “lips” and stuck his tongue in deep once more. That was enough for you, you came so hard you thought you were gonna black out.
He sucked on your clit as he stuck a finger in. Your clit was so sensitive to his tongue. Your whole body tingled after that orgasm that was the best in your life. He did one last big lick and slipped his big thick member inside of you. ” ughhh you’re to big. ” Your walls were so tight and he was so big an he kept pushing inside moving slowly. Once you adjusted to him he started moving faster speeding up the pace. He looked directly in your eyes as he pounded inside of you over and over again. ” faster. ” you moaned. He looked a you with a slight grin and speeded up really fast. You could feel his balls slapping against you. His body glistened as the water was dropping on him and you just to lick all over him.
You pulled him out of you and got off the wall onto your knees. You grabbed his dick and started licking around the tip. You licked all around then only sucked on the tip. ” *grunts* damn don’t tease me ” he said to. You laughed and took him whole taking all of him in your mouth. He put his hand on the back of your head and started grunting. You deep throated him putting him in the back of your throat.

" ugh fuck " you licked all around as you bobbed your head up and down. You released him out of your mouth and licked all around the tip again putting the tip of your tongue inside his whole then swirling all around him. You took all of him in your mouth again and started sucking as hard as you could. You felt him pulsating in your mouth knowing that he was close to cumming so you stopped.

He opened his eyes and looked at you frustrated ” why did you do that? ” you looked up at him grinning then you went back to sucking him hard seeing he was still at his peak. When you felt him about to erupt you took your mouth off of him and let it go all over you. Since you were in the shower it washed off quickly and he leaned on the door satisfied. You turned off the water grabbed a towel and got out & he followed behind you. ” get me some clothes please ” you asked. ” you gotta work for some clothes girl things don’t come free around here ”
He said laughing at you.

" shut up and give me some clothes boy " he walked to his drawer and pulled out some boxers, sweats & a shirt. You took the clothes and said thank you then kicked him and ran in the bathroom to change. While you were in the bathroom you looked in the cabinets and found a tooth brush and brushed your teeth. You put on the clothes he gave you then walked out the bathroom.

" i need a brush my hair look ratchet " he grabbed a brush off the dresser and threw it to you. You caught it going up to the mirror pushing him out the way and doing your hair. When you were done you took some shoes out of his closet and put them on. " can you take me to the club so i can get my car? " " first you gotta give me a kiss " he puckered his lips out for you. " I’ll rather walk " you picked up your purse and your heels and started towards the stairs. " damn you so mean " he picked you up from behind and slammed you on the bed getting on top of you and kissing you. You kissed him back smiling into it. " now can we go ☺ " he grabbed his keys and went down the stairs to the door. You grabbed your stuff off the floor and went too.

Y’all arrived at the club and saw that your car windows were all busted. You felt like crying but you didn’t you had money so you could buy you a new one but that was besides the point. You opened on the car door and saw a note inside. ’ this is for changing the locks, slapping me and kicking me out. - J & C ’ out of all things you would have never believed that your ex-bestfriend would do something like this to you. Roc saw the look of pain on you face and pulled you into his chest for a hug. All the emotions built up inside of you from the years you’ve been with Prince and friends with Chris came out and you cried on his chest. He held you tight whispering sweet things in your ear telling you not to cry. You didn’t even know him that long and you already have so many feelings for him and you have let him see you cry. After you stopped crying he helped you take everything out of your car and put it into his. You thought he was such a generous person, he insisted on buying you a new car even though you told him no repeatedly but he forced you to say yes by tickling you which turned into kissing. He took you to your house to get all your things and then to your moms house to pick up your daughter. Her and Chres fell in love with each other like they were the best of friends you thought it was so cute, she never played with her father like she did with Chres let alone see him.

You guys went to the car dealership and got you a new Camaro and Chres got you some new rims to put on it. Afterwards he took you and Naomi out to Chuck E. Cheese. When you got there you happened to see some friends and their kids so you let Naomi play while you sat at a table with Chres. You felt as if you should get to know him better since he has helped you and has been so kind to the both of you. ” why are you so generous to me? Why didn’t you just take advantage of me since i was a drunken mess and throw me out in the morning? ” you were so serious when you asked him that. ” you didn’t look like the type of woman to get drunk and fuck a bunch of men so i thought i should help you so you wouldn’t get raped or nothing and take you home. You came on to me though thats the only reason why we had sex other then that i would have let you sleep. You seem like a funny, smart, sophisticated woman that is a good mother & i really like you. ” You blushed as he said those things about you. He made you feel like you really mattered unlike Jacob cheating ass. You leaned over the table and have him a kiss that he deserved. ” YN i want you to know that i really wanna be there for you and Naomi and do what her father didn’t do. ” you looked at him as if it was the best thing you ever heard which it really was. ” I think Naomi would love that since she is really getting along with you and so would i……just don’t hurt me please. ” ” I would never try to hurt you in any way possible i know i only met you yesterday but you mean a lot to me already big head 😛 ” You smiled and playfully hit him you think this is the start to a new life for you and your daughter.

* 1 month later *

You and Chres have been together for a month now and are going strong. He treats you and Naomi like princesses. Over the time you guys have really bonded and have gotten to know each other better he know you as we’ll as you know yourself. One day you Chres and nana were shopping and you happened to see Jacob. He came up to you guys and Naomi hid behind Chres’s legs scared as ever. ” i see you have found someone new YN. ” he said with a smirk. ” Yes i have and he treats me and Naomi both with respect like we deserve. ” ” so he must have been giving you that dick then i know its smaller then mine ” You were so appalled that he would say something like that in front of your child. Soon as you were about to say something Chris came walking out of Sephora walking up to you guys latching up on Prince. ” i don’t understand why you would say something like that while our child is here but to be honest his is bigger then yours. ” with that you walked away making sure you bumped them out the way and continued shopping. You will forever remember that day because afterwards Chres was laughing saying damn you just going around telling my size to people which made you laugh. Besides that day everything has been going smooth and in 2 months it will be Naomi’s 4th birthday and you wanna do something very special and big. You were thinking of inviting her father but you don’t want any problems even though it is his child and he should be allowed to see her. You know that if he comes he will bring that backstabbing bitch along and you don’t wanna beat her ass at your child’s birthday party. You and Chres asked Naomi what type of party she wanted and she said Hello Kitty so you guys went to Party City to get things and set up. Since you had a big backyard and trampoline you didn’t need to order a bounce house. He got some friends of his that agreed to help set up when the time comes and he got a dj. A week later you saw Chris sitting at a bus stop with a baby bump while you were driving to the store. All you could do was laugh in your head Chris really thought that she had something with Prince but he hit it and quit it.

You pulled up to the side and started laughing at her. ” what are you doing at the bus stop? ” ” well i don’t have a car and Prince said he is busy. ” You looked at her as if she was the dumbest person on earth for her to actually think that he is busy. ” you are so stupid the only thing he is busy doing is fucking some other girl getting her knocked up right along with you, after all i told you about him you still managed to be a hoe and have sex with him thinking that he would actually stay with you. ” you shook your head in shame. ” if you pulled over here to talk shit drive the fuck off i know i messed up and i know that i back stabbed you and all that but i have been sexless for to long and i needed some so he was the right person and now i have to grow up and stop being childish because i have a baby on the way…. i don’t believe in that abortion stuff so im gonna have to find a way to support myself and the child then the father aint gonna do shit he already has a child to care for.” ” wow i guess that is making you see the light now. no i didn’t come here just to talk shit i just wanted to laugh at you 😊 but i don’t want you riding the bus you are a changed person get in the car. ” She gave a small smile and got up coming to the car and soon and she was about to open the door you pulled off. She was out of her damn mind if she thought you would forgive her that easily. She has said to much shit and did to many things for everything to fall back in place because she got played like you did. SWERVVVEEE. Her little sob story wasn’t shiet and Prince actually took care of Naomi he bought her stuff, fed her, put her to bed and remembered her birthday that was good enough for me to expect from him. You drove to the store funking to Fuckin’ Problems. You walked in the store grabbing a cart and searching for what you need. You turned down the candy aisle and bumped in to someone when you looked up it was none other then the little bastard Jacob. ” of course it would be you to hit me never watching where you are going. ” ” you always have something to say to me. ” You continue pushing the cart down the aisle looking for the candy you came for when he pulled your arm stopping. ” DO NOT TOUCH ME. ” You tried to pull your arm away from him but he gripped your arm tighter. ” WTF your hurting me. ” You thought about screaming but you don’t really wanna make a scene in the store. ” let me go! ” ” YN i know you still want me that nigga ain’t doing nothing for you, he can’t give it to you and do you right like i can. ” He stepped closer to you invading all of your personal space if that even existed to him. ” you are nothing i want back in my life i got fed up with you and put you out for a damn good reason. You could never be half the man that he his, you can’t even take care of your own child like he can & you damn sure cant hit it right like he can so i would appreciate it if you let me go. ” You yanked your arm away and walked off with him yelling at you. ” you’ll be back……all the hoes come back. ” You stopped dead in your tracks. ” excuse the fuck outta me. come again? i ain’t no hoe all the other bitches you cheated on me with may be but surely not me. i may have been dumb letting you run me over and cheat on me time and time letting it go but im done and over it never coming back like the sluts that you stick your thing in every other night…..btw i saw your baby mama at the bus stop today you should take care of that before calling me a hoe. ” You grabbed the candy you needed and walked off to the checkup line while he stood there speechless. You are definitely not inviting him to your child’s birthday party you don’t have time for the bullshit he has every time he sees you. You checked out your things and left the store going home. When you got inside Chres came up to you giving you a kiss then he noticed the mark on your wrist. ” what happened to your wrist?” “nothing i saw Jacob at the store today an— ” He cut you off before you could finish. ” he did this to you? That son of a bitch i will kill him touching you and hurting you. ” ” calm down it’s nothing i doubt he will be bothering me for a long time if anything he knows where we live. ” ” i know your tough but i don’t want anyone hurting you especially knowing that it’s him makes me want to strangle him & put him 15 feet under. ” You put the bags down and jumped on him kissing him. ” its okay baby just chill. ” ” i will if i get another kiss. ” You kissed him again and again which turned out to be a make out session until Naomi came down stairs interrupting you guys. ” mommy daddy i want candy. ” You looked at Chres to see if he would say anything because she called him daddy. ” you can’t have any more candy or your gonna be bouncing off the walls baby. ” You smiled and went upstairs to chill and relax. Once you left Chres took Nana and gave her some candy and told her not to tell you. He turned on Backyardigans & came upstairs to you. He laid on top of you and started kissing on your neck. ” im gonna finish what you started. 😌 ” You liked the thought of that but you were stressed and that wasn’t the way you wanted to relieve it. ” not right now I’m tense. ” He fake gasped. ” you denying this dick? i cant believe * laughs * you want me to give you a full body massage babe? ” ” you would really do that for me? thanks. ” You gave him a kiss and got up taking off your shirt rolling over on your stomach. He got some lotion and started rubbing on your shoulders going in deep. His muscular hands rubbing on you felt so good it was like you were in heaven to just be so relaxed. He started going lower rubbing to where your bra was. ” let me take it off for you.” he unsnapped it and pulled it off you in a quick motion….someone is eager. He started rubbing in the middle of you back making sure to go deep. He got more lotion on his hands and trailed to the small of your back putting his hands directly before your ass. He rubbed in going lower then went back up to your shoulders. You felt so relaxed it’s like you sunk into the bed you weren’t aware of any of your surroundings anymore. He glided his hands down to your ass and pulled down your underwear and flipped you over. He kissed you roughly yet passionately, the massage made you suddenly horny and you started pulling off his pants with his boxers. You wanted to be in charge and on top so you switched positions with him. You took his shirt off and kissed all over his chest. You guided yourself on to him and started bouncing up and down. You speeded up as you heard a grunt from him, you smiled knowing that you were about to satisfy him. You kept bouncing grinding your hips when Naomi busted in the room. You hopped off of him quickly grabbing your robe and putting it on, Chres grabbed the covers and pulled it over him. ” yes honey?” ” mommy somebody at the door.” ” okay ” She left the room skipping going back to watch tv. You thought to yourself ’ who the hell can it be interrupting your sex life. ’ ” baby can you go get the door for me please. ” ” sure. he put on some boxers and sweats and went downstairs. ’ I’m surprised she didn’t notice anything. ’

Chres POV

* downstairs *

" who is it?" no one answers. He opens the door and sees Prince and closes the door back. " YN that afro boy here!" ’ what the fuck is this Mexican nigga doing here. ’

Your POV

You heard Chres yell that Prince was here. ’ why the hell is he here, you got tired of seeing him all the time his presence really bothered you like it made you itch.’ You came down the stairs looked at Chres and opened the door, he stood right behind you as you did so. ” what do you want and why the hell are you here. “


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